Web Design – More Than A Pretty Website

When you hear web design, what comes into your mind? Attractive, pretty, color scheme? The majority of the people think of websites as a form of arts online. However, the truth is that web design is digital art. Thus, it is more than just making a website look pretty. In fact, web design includes usability, site structure, functionality, and more. It is important to understand core building blocks of successful professional designing of websites.

Important things

Website structure

This is a useful element as far as website jmkb2wed5t62weyd72u27design is concerned. This involves platform that is used to present your content to the users. There are many coding options such as PHP, CSS, HTML, and much more. You can also use scripts such as Joomla or WordPress. All these options have their benefits and downsides. Moreover, they can affect the search rankings of your site.

The structure has a huge effect on SEO. For instance, if a bulky code is used, which includes several errors, it’s going to cause your site to load slowly. You should note that popular search engines such as Google like sites that load faster. Thus, structuring the website in the right way makes it easy to navigate and use.


Usability is very important to the success of professional web design. This is because it influences the way your site visitors navigate your site. Moreover, this is bound to increase conversion and sales. A reputable web designer must create sitemaps and structure that allows search engines to navigate.


This is a useful element in web design. It is all about how easy your website is to read. For instance, black background and black text are very easy to read. Also, they look modern and fun. They can be uncomfortable for average readers. You should keep the same in mind when it comes to selecting colors for your site.


Websjmkn23we5dt62et6y27ite functionality is also important. This is the way you interact with the website. It may not be a huge factor for content only sites. However, it is important for a site that offers other interaction methods. For example, if you have a blog where visitors comment on posts, it ought to work. This is the same for communities and forums.

If things are not working as required on your site, then they will affect SEO. If a visitor is frustrated by your site, he or she may not return to it. Thus, functionality includes links are correct and unbroken and having readable content.

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