Mid-South Sunday Sources Speakers Bureau

The Mid-South District SUNDAY SOURCES Speakers Bureau provides a list of religious professionals and other speakers and presenters available to Mid-South congregations for Sunday worship services, forums, adult education courses, workshops, retreats, annual meetings, and other celebrations and events.
Those listed fall into one of three categories:
  • Unitarian Universalist ministers
  • UU Lay Leaders, Lay Ministers, Musicians, or Seminarians
  • Presenters (not UU) who have been recommended by UU leaders and congregations.
Presenters are listed by category. Click a speaker to view her or his profile.
We invite you to submit your recommendations for speakers who have successfully presented programs to your congregation. Or, if you are a presenter, you may make formal application by sending a request to msduuoffice@gmail.com.
To request changes or updates to information on this site, to send feedback about this website, or to make a general comment or inquiry, contact us by e-mail: msduuoffice@gmail.com

Unitarian Universalist ministers

Rev. Dr. Edward Frost

Rev. John S. Mackey, consulting minister

UU Lay Leaders, Lay Ministers, Musicians, or Seminarians

Cindy Brown, candidate for UU ministry
Frank Casper, UU Lay Minister, UUCA
Peg Duthie, UU Lay Leader, First UU Nashville, TN
Linda Foshee, UU Lay Minister, Our Home UU Church, Ellisville, MS
Chauma Lynn Smith Guss, UU Lay Leader, UU Church of Birmingham, AL
Lynn Hopkins, seminary graduate, UUC of Gwinnett
Ken Johnson, UU Lay Minister, Unitarian Fellowship of Murfreesboro, TN
Sarah Dan Jones, musician, speaker, NWUUC
Sheri L. Glowinski Matamoros, UU Lay Leader, biologist, GCUUF
Paul McAuliffe, UU Lay Leader, UU Fellowship of  Bay County 850-381-6695, ravenbear47@yahoo.com (World/Ethnic Flutes Musician, Autism Advocate, Storyteller)
Ken Sizemore, UU Lay Leader, musician, UU Fellowship of Bay County, FL
Doug Traversa, UU Lay Minister, UU Church of Tullahoma, TN
Jenn Ulschak, UU Lay Minister, UU Lay Leader, UUC of Cookeville, TN
Robert L. Williams, UU Lay Leader, UU Church of Birmingham, AL

Recommended Presenters (not UU)

Rev. Kate Hauk, non-UU religious leader (U.C.C.)




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