Structure, Governance and Operations


The work of Mid-South District is accomplished by many volunteer leaders, who function on various committees and task forces and as consultants in various areas, and a staff, which includes a  District Executive, a Program Consultant, an Office Administrator, and a Bookkeeper.
In 2011 a number of staff transitions are in the works as the District Executive retires from her position after fourteen years. Read letters about the transitions here:

Financial support for the district comes from ‘fair share’ contributions from member congregations to the UUA Annual Program Fund ($58 per member is asked in 2011-12), to Mid-South District directly ($21 per member is asked in 2012-13), and from special individual support from ‘Fans of Mid-South District.’ Read more here.
The district offers a full calendar of events and programs and services to support congregations in their work of being transforming religious communities that reach out to all who seek the inclusive, inspiring faith of Unitarian Universalism.
Mid-South District is governed by a Board of Trustees, which functions as a ‘program board.’ Officers and Trustees are elected at annual meetings of the district held during the Mid-South District Annual Assembly each spring. Members of the MSD Board joined board members from the three other districts in the Southern UU Region in Orlando, Florida, in December 2010 to talk about governance for congregations as part of the UUA and districts. A consensus statement that has been dubbed “The Orlando Platform” was the direct outcome of that meeting. Read about “The Orlando Platform’ here. The changes suggested by The Orlando Platform are being considered by the MSD Board and will be discussed at the 2011 Annual Assembly and in other gatherings of the district.
The Mid-South District Bylaws guides the governance of the district, job descriptions describe the responsibilities of various officer, board, and committee positions, and a structural chart provides a visual image of the connections among the many facets of the district’s operations.

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