The Southland Unitarian Universalist Leadership School Experience (“SUULE” or “ Leadership School”) offers a rich week-long leadership experience for the congregation leaders of southeastern UU congregations.
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Southern Unitarian Universalist Leadership Experience (SUULE)

The date which SUULE will be held is moving from August to February and the next SUULE will begin Sunday February 19, 2012 and will end the following Saturday.
Another change is that SUULE will be held in central Florida, a nice place to be in the depths of winter.
The date is changing so it does not conflict with the 50th Anniversary celebration at General Assembly in Charlotte, NC.

Nominations for congregation leaders to send to SUULE will open October 15, 2011.

The nominating process will be similar to last year.  Participants must come in congregational teams of two to four leaders.
No solo participants will be accepted.

SUULE is an intense and deeply spiritual experience for lay and clergy alike.
It will focus on the presence and functioning of the individual leaders and will help to form them into a team who serve Unitarian Universalism as servant leaders to their congregations and elders of the faith.
Through small group experiences, case studies, lectures, worship, and theological dialogue, participants will gain practical understanding of healthy congregation concepts and tools, the value of intentional leadership process, and the vital connections between religious leadership, faith development, and the realization of beloved community.

Our goal is to translate the SUULE experience into tangible congregational health and vitality.
Factors that appear to make a difference in how SUULE effects congregational health include participants who come well grounded in Unitarian Universalism, participants who serve significant leadership roles in their congregation, participants who come in teams of two to four from a congregation, congregations who send teams of leaders to SUULE for several years in a row, and congregations that have an intentional process for selecting their SUULE registrants and integrating knowledge and skills from the experience into the life of the congregation.

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