Benefits of Playing With Traditional Wooden Toys

Recently, a retired lady was preparing to shift from the large, long-time family home to another town. As she was going through all the stuff that usually builds up over a lifetime, she came across some weathered dolls and stuffed animals that her now grown up children had cherished as little ones.

But the old toys that made her very nostalgic were the wooden toys and puzzles csdcEFCCfrom the days gone by, and especially some ancient wooden rattles from her days as a toddler 80-some years ago. Now every visitor cannot resist touching these wooden gems that are now on display in her new home. This explains why many parents are going back to the ways of old and getting their kids’ wooden toys. These units are very durable, and they hold all those precious memories for many years to come.

Why should you also choose natural, wooden toys?

Quality and safety

There is a very high level of craftsmanship that goes into producing wooden toys concerning design and decoration, compared to plastic toys, for example. Toys assembled cheaply on production lines look more complicated and snazzy, but they are often poorly finished. They are usually brittle and not as hard-wearing as handcrafted wooden toys. And since wooden toys are made from a natural product, they don’t contain toxic substances that are often found in processed plastic and other synthetic materials.

Development benefits

SADCFWVCSure, there is a place in a kid’s life for plastic toys and another whiz-bang, battery-operated, noise-making robots and tiny cars, but there is nothing that stirs the creativity and imagination in a child like a good, solid wooden toy. This is because the children using them provide the power, graphics, and the sounds. The natural feel of wood toys stimulates their senses, inviting them to explore, feel and touch. There are also many educational wooden toys which encourage problem-solving and build lateral thinking and fine motor skills in children.

Environmental benefits

Wood is a natural product. As such, getting your kids wooden toys is a sign that you care about the environment you live in. Imagine the environmental degradation caused by millions of plastic toys bought each year which will be discarded once the kid reaches a certain age? Wood is natural, biodegradable and can always be recycled safely without being an environmental hazard. So by giving your kids wooden toys, you are also protecting their future.

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