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Resources from the Mid-South District and UUA workshops

2008 MSD Healthy Congregations ConferenceGrowing the Beloved Community 2008 Healthy Congregation Conference Materials and Handouts ** Videos of various presentations are being processed… Ingathering: GINI COURTER’S KEYNOTE ADDRESS (PDF) Morning Leadership Workshop: GINI COURTER’S GOVERNANCE WORKSHOP (PowerPoint Presentation) Afternoon Workshops UP! Program Workshop: Connie Goodbread’s “Leading for Change,” “Leadership by the Numbers,” & “Growth and Leadership” Materials (PDF) Preparedness Workshop: What If? Preparedness Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF) Mid-South Preparedness Handout (PDF) —————————
2008 General AssemblyFt. Lauderdale, FL 2008 General Assembly Workshop Materials Materials here are from workshops presented by Mid-South staff and leaders. Many more resources from the 2008 GA in Ft. Lauderdale can be found at the UUA web site at: http://uua.org/events/generalassembly/2008/index.shtml WHAT IF? Crisis Planning for Congregations (Program #2048 at GA) Presenters Gretchen Alther, Eunice Benton, Connie Goodbread, Harlan Limpert, and Susan Suchocki Brown. Is your congregation prepared for a crisis? A hurricane, an earthquake, a fire, the death of a child at an RE event? Pre-planning is crucial to effective crisis management. Glean wisdom from those who have successfully handled various kinds of crisis. Get a ‘tool kit’ for your congregation’s planning. Download the presesentation document and resource documents.(PowerPoint) or (PDF)

Resources for Disaster or Crisis Preparation for Congregations (Word doc) or (PDF)

Creating Covenants in Congregations (Program #3035 at GA) Presented by Eunice Benton and Connie Goodbread

What does it mean for members of a congregation to be in covenant with one another? How can a behavioral covenant enrich congregational life? How does a congregation go about creating a covenant? Congregation and district leaders who have experience with covenants will share insights and engage the audience. Download the presesentation document and resource documents.

(PowerPoint) or (PDF)

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