Resources for Living Unitarian Universalism

“Living Unitarian Universalism” Mid-South District’s Theme for 2007-08

What does it mean to be a practicing Unitarian Universalist? What core values guide us as we make choices about how to live? What do we acknowledge as important responsibilities and practices in our everyday living? How do Unitarian Universalists connect to things spiritual? What do we hope our children will glean from being a part of this faith tradition? What special gifts can we bring to the world as Unitarian Universalists?
UUA Vice-President Kay Montgomery will deliver a homily on the topic of ‘Living Unitarian Universalism’ at Mid-South’s Healthy Congregation Conference on October 6, 2007 in Lawrenceville, GA. The MSD Calendar and this website have more details.
‘Reading’ our own lives can help us understand what kind of values we are practicing, as this UU World article by Marshall Hawkins attests.
Unitarian Universalists have shown a growing interest in spiritual practices and paths, as this UU World article discusses. The Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Directors’ Network offers many resources for spiritual practices for UUs.
One Mid-South congregation began to explore this theme in a summer program.

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