Lay Speaker – Lynn Hopkins

Mid-South District Sunday Sources Speakers’ Bureau Unitarian Universalist Lay Leaders, Lay Ministers, Musicians, or Seminarians Presenter NAME: Lynn Hopkins CONTACT INFO for Presenter: E-mail address: Phone (with area code): 404-377-5991 Mailing Address (name, city, and state): Lynn Hopkins, 142 Scott Blvd, Decatur GA 30030

Congregation, if UU: UU Congregation of Gwinnett

Presenter category (check more than one if applicable):

____ UU Lay Leader

____ UU Lay Minister

____ UU Seminarian

____ Non-UU Religious Leader (elaborate, please: )

__X__ Other Speaker (elaborate, please: ) UU aspirant — seminary graduate 2008

____ Writer

____ Dancer

____ Musician

____ Theater

____ Other Program/Speaker (elaborate, please: )

Brief Description of Presentation/Program:

UU sermon/liturgy

Specific Sermon/Program Titles recommended:

focused on social justice issues: race, sexual orientation, immigration, death penalty, poverty, etc

grounded in UU principles & theology (sermons, not lectures)

UU apologetics (why I am UU),

specific tradition (theistic traditions, humanist, polytheistic, earth-centered) or interfaith as desired

May 24, 2009

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