Lay Minister – Linda Foshee

Mid-South District Sunday Sources Speakers’ Bureau Unitarian Universalist Lay Leaders, Lay Ministers, Musicians, or Seminarians Presenter NAME: Linda Foshee CONTACT INFO for Presenter:

E-mail address:

Phone (with area code): 601-268-3880

Mailing Address (name, city, and state): Linda Foshee, 292 Serene Hills, Hattiesburg, MS 39402-7937

Congregation, if UU: Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church, Ellisville, MS

Presenter category (check more than one if applicable):

____ UU Lay Leader

__ X_ UU Lay Minister (appointed by the congregation and not the UUA)

____ UU Seminarian

____ Non-UU Religious Leader (elaborate, please: )

____ Other Speaker (elaborate, please: )

____ Writer

____ Dancer

____ Musician (Can accompany singing, if needed)

____ Theater

____ Other Program/Speaker (elaborate, please: )

Brief Description of Presentation/Program: See below

(Optional) Specific Sermon/Program Titles recommended: I have a variety of services I have prepared for Our Home Church and Liberty Universalist Church ( Louisville, MS) where I serve as a lay minister on a bi-monthly arrangement, and other UU congregations in Mississippi. I will be glad to send out titles and brief descriptions of a few, if requested.

(Optional) Other Comments and helpful information: I am a third-generation Universalist and grew up in Our Home Universalist Church. I have developed a slide presentation on Universalism in the Mid-South. Murray Grove Camp and Conference Center sponsored my presentation of this at General Assembly in Nashville, TN. I also presented it two years ago when Our Home Church hosted Universalist Convocation. It is a little over an hour in length, and includes the singing of some older Universalist hymns. This would have to be used at time other than the worship hour because of the length. It would be appropriate for Unitarian Universalists whose members know very little about the “second U!”

March 24, 2009

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