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Mid-South District Sunday Sources Speakers’ Bureau Unitarian Universalist Lay Leaders, Lay Ministers, Musicians, or Seminarians Presenter NAME: Ken Johnson CONTACT INFO for Presenter: E-mail address: Kenneth.Johnson1@hcahealthcare.comPhone (with area code): 615-243-6023Mailing Address (name, city, and state): 327 E. Castle Street, Murfreesboro , TN 37130

Congregation, if UU: Unitarian Fellowship of Murfreesboro

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__ X__ UU Lay Leader

__ X __ UU Lay Minister

I was a minister with Churches of Christ and Independent Christian Churches till I resigned in 2001. I worked in ministry from the time I was about 18 till 2001 (age 41). Graduate of David Lipscomb University (B.S. in Bible and Counseling – 1988) and Asbury Theological Seminary (M.A. in Counseling – 1995). I now teach Adult R.E. at the Unitarian Fellowship of Murfreesboro – (I prefer to call it The Adult Life Enrichment Class.)

I have worked as pulpit minister, small group leader, men’s ministry leader, and Bible class teacher. About 30 years of involvement in church work – I am 49 years old.

Bob and Edie Pondillo at UFM would be references – lots of references at UFM J Jill Austin too.

Brief Description of Presentation/Program:

I am available upon occasion to speak. I spoke Sunday (3/29/2009) at the UU Church of Tullahoma. I spoke re. “Fundamentalism: Loving It and Leaving It.” You could contact Doug Traversa there as a reference.

I speak with in an informal somewhat conversational style. Use lots of humor – even when I don’t mean to!

My interests include whole person wellness, spiritual formation, and understanding conservative Christianity / fundamentalism.

My growing interest has been the “spiritual disciplines” or “practices” as they relate to human wellness and faith development.

Specific Sermon/Program Titles recommended:

Lots of ideas:

I enjoyed speaking on “Fundamentalism: Loving it and Leaving it.” I try to help people see what a fundamentalist Christian values and cherishes. I talk about the universal and usually painful experience of growth: Integration / Disintegration / Re-Integration – “We grow by mending.” I then talk about coping skills for dealing with crisis and loss.

Wisdom: What is Wisdom? How can we more intentionally grow in wisdom? What are the obstacles for growing in wisdom?

Spiritual Practices: The 7 Perennial Practices of the World’s Religions for Human Growth and Wellness. What are they? How do they work? How can I implement them in my life?

Life Road-Blocks – Understanding and Undoing the things in my life that are blocking my possibilities. (Understanding early maladaptive schema and how they tend to control our choices.) “The schema made me do it!”

I have taught an “Overview of the Bible” at UFM. Was well received. I have an interest in helping people get over Bible-phobia – both liberals and people who have been harmed by “Bible-Abuse.”

“Accepting the Things We Cannot Change.”

I have an idea for a sermon series on “The Principle Driven Church.” What are our Principles. How do they apply to our lives? How can they guide the life of the church?

Monkey Brain / Lizard Brain – How understanding brain evolution can help us at work on Monday morning!

When the faith you grew up no longer works. Trading your childhood religion in for one you can embrace as an adult.

Is it time to trade in your god for a new one? “The death of the mythic god.” “Your god is too small.”

“If you’re not confused, you don’t get it.” “Sacred ignorance.”

Lots of ideas! I have been greatly influenced by my experience as a Bible teacher and pastor. I believe sermons should be firmly grounded in scholarship but accessible to all (especially the “unchurched”) – and very “life-application” oriented. I believe church should be very consciously “seeker sensitive.” I am very interested in church theory and church growth.

May 24, 2009

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