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Mid-South District Sunday Sources Speakers’ Bureau
Unitarian Universalist Lay Leaders, Lay Ministers, Musicians, or Seminarians SPEAKER: Frank Casper Dear Fellow UU’s,My name is Frank Casper. I am a long time member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, and have been honored recently to become one of its lay ministers.

I am writing to introduce myself and to inquire about the prospect of preaching engagements at your congregation, particularly over the summer months. I have done a good deal of preaching over the years. I’m good at it, and very much enjoy it.

I have a background in theological studies, and most recently I have developed and taught a class entitled “Religion in Popular Film”. This is a program I will be presenting at SUUSI this July. For a reference, I invite you to contact Eunice Benton of the Mid-south district. She knows me and is familiar with my skills. ( ).

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Warm regards
Frank Casper
404-633-9195 (home)
770-330-8373 (cell)


We haven’t had contact with one another for some time, but I believe you’ll remember me as a founding member of Citizens for the Middle Ground, which became Citizens for First Freedoms. Perhaps you’ll recall that I spoke at a number of UU congregations in the mid-South district and presented a program at GA as well in my capacity with that organization. You helped organize some of those appearances.

I am writing you now as a lay minister candidate from UUCA. I would like to preach again in that capacity. It is something I do very well, and very much enjoy. I am hoping you can be instrumental in helping me contact UU congregations in our district who, perhaps having no minister or, who’s minister is on a leave of some sort, are in need of preachers on Sunday mornings. I am willing to cover my own expenses if need be. I just want to preach. Could you and would you be willing to help?

Please let me know either way. I can be reached at the email address in this message, or at the following two phone numbers.

Home: 404-633-9195.

Cell: 770-330-8373

Thanks Eunice.

Warm regards,


Information submitted: Feb. 26, 2009

March 15, 2009

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