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“This Day…”: Worship Resources for the Liberal Church Southworth, Bruce Worship Resources
100 Questions That Non-Members Ask About Unitarian Universalism Sias, John from interviews by Steve Edington Congregational Resources
44 Steps Up Off the Plateau Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Resources
44 Ways to Expand the Financial Base of Your Congregation Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Resources
A Bucketful of Dreams: Contemporary Parables for All Ages Buice, Christopher RE children
A Catechism for Unitarian Universalists: Adult Participant Book Larsen, Tony et al. Adult RE
A Catechism for Unitarian Universalists: Leader Guide Larsen, Tony et al. Adult RE
A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism Buehrens, John A. and F. Forrester Church Adult RE
A History of Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church 1906-2006 Our Home UU Church Congregational Resources
a lamp in every corner. Our Unitarian Universalist Storybook Grohsmeyer, Janeen K. RE Children
A Process Tool to the Congregational Handbook: How to Develop and Sustain Your Unitarian Universalist Congregation Merkert, Angela J. Congregational Resources
A Stepping Stone Year. A program for 8-to-10 year olds. Gooding, Margaret K. RE children
A Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry Manual Macklin, Mary Ann Young Adults
All Are Chosen: Stories of Lay Ministry and Leadership Beard, Margaret L. and Roger W. Comstock Congregational Resources
Around the Church, Around the Year. Unitarian Universalism for Children. Kindergarten to Grade 2 Evans-Tiller, Jan RE children
Articulating Your UU Faith Wells, Barbara and Jaco B.Ten Hove Congregational Resources
Asessing our Leadership: Promoting Effectiveness in Congregational Leadership UU Minister’s Association Congregational Resources
Assimilating New Members Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Resources
Assimilating New Members–The Workshop Video (Segments I, II, and III)( VHS video with companion Discussion Leader’s Guide booklet) Oswald, Roy M. Congregational Resources
Assimilating New Members–The Workshop Video (Segments IV, V, and VI)( VHS video with companion Discussion Leader’s Guide booklet) Oswald, Roy M. Congregational Resources
Behavioral Covenants in Congregations: A Handbook for Honoring Differences Rendle, Gilbert R. Congregational Resources
Belonging: The Meaning of Membership UUA Staff Congregational Resources
Beyond Fundraising: A Complete Guide to Congregational Stewardship Clark, Wayne B. Congregational Resources
Bridging Ceremony Resource Packet (binder) DiSciullo, Donna Youth, Young Adults
Building Your Own Theology Volume I Gilbert, Richard S. Adult RE
Building Your Own Theology Volume II Gilbert, Richard S. Adult RE
Building Your Spiritual Home: A Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Curriculum Anderson, Caitlin and Mary Ann Macklin Young Adults
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: A Ten-Session Adult Seminar in Feminist Thealogy (filmstrip, missing 2nd filmstrip, parts 6-10)(2 booklets) Ranck, Shirley Ann Adult RE
Call to Selma. 18 Days of Witness Leonard, Richard D. Peace and Justice
Campus Ministry: Building Intergenerational Wholeness (VHS video -13 minutes) Ernst, Benjamin Young Adults
Catechism with an Open Mind Beach, George Kimmich  
Chalice Children: A Unitarian Universalist Curriculum Erslev, Kate Tweedie RE children
Church Meetings that Work Noyce, Gaylord Congregational Resources
Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations Heller, Anne Odin Congregational Resources
Congregational Polity Wright, Conrad Congregational Resources
Considering Your Options: Information on Abstinence and Contraceptive Choices for Teenagers (VHS video – 23 minutes) UUA Staff Youth
Convenanting for Excellence in RE handbook
(looseleaf in envelope w/disk)
UUA Staff; program consultants RE
Covenants & Care: Boundaries in Life, Faith, and Ministry Harbaugh, Gary L, Rebecca Lee Brenneis, and Rodney R. Hutton Congregational Resources
Create Your Own Future: Alternatives for the Long-Range Planning Committee Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Resources
Creating Congregations of Generous People Durall, Michael Congregational Resources
Creating Safe Congregations: Toward an Ethic of Right Relations Hoertdoerfer, Patricia and William Sinkford, eds. Congregational Resources
Discerning Your Congregation’s Future: A Strategic and Spiritual Approach Oswald, Roy M. and Robert E. Friedrich, Jr. Congregational Resources
Discover Your Conflict Management Style Leas, Speed B. Congregational Resources
Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex, and Politics Starhawk Congregational Resources
Earth and Spirit: Bringing Ecology into Adult Religious Education (binder) UUA Ministry for the Earth (UUA Seventh Principle Project) RE Adult
Effective Church Accounting: Planning, Budgeting, Cash Control, Accounting Systems, Computers, Bookkeeping, Financial Reports Vargo, Richard J. Congregational Resources
Emerson as Spiritual Guide. A Companion to Emerson’s Essays for personal reflection and group discussion Andrews, Barry M. Congregational Resources
Engaging our Theological Diversity (report) UUA Commission on Appraisal of the UUA Congregational Resources
Essex Conversations: Visions for Lifespan Religious Education Essex Conversations Coordinating Committee RE children, RE Adults
Faith Goes to Work: Reflections from the Marketplace Banks, Robert J. Peace and Justice
Faith in the Free Church: Program Guide Series #1 (VHS video series) Stegman/Sere Communications Adult RE
Faith in the Free Church: Program Guide Series #2 (VHS video series – missing one video) Stegman/Sere Communications Adult RE
Faithful Choices: An Adult Program in Clinical Ethics and Religious Values Arnason, Wayne Adult RE
Financial Management in the Church: Being Stewards of Right Relationships (binder) Henrickson, Peter Congregational Resources
Fiscal Therapy for the Liberal Church Scheyer, Fia B. Congregational Resources
Follow the Rainbow Path: A Summer Program Inspired by our 7 UU Principles and 6 Sources North Georgia Cluster of Religious Educators RE children
Four Faiths with Fred, or Four Faiths for UUs Campbell, Fred F. Adult RE
Full Circle: 15 Ways to Grow Lifelong Uus Erslev, Kate Tweedie RE Adult/Children
Fun With Dr. Seuss Summer RE Program Kahn, Pat RE children
Fundraising With a Vision: A Canvas Guide for Congregations Landreth, Edward B. Congregational Resources
Giving Voice to Our Vision (VHS video – 14 minutes) UUA Staff Congregational Resources
God of Dirt: Mary Oliver and the Other Book of God Mann, Thomas W. Congregational Resource
Green Sanctuary: Eco-Spirituality for Liberal Religious Congregations Jesch, Katherine and Kathleen Schomaker, UU Ministry for Earth Congregational Resources
Growing a Beloved Community. Twelve hallmarks of a healthy congregation Owen-Towle, Tom Worship Resources
Growing In Authority, Relinquishing Control: A New Approach to Faithful Leadership Hahn, Celia Allison Congregational Resources
Growing Your Spirituality: A workshop and seminar guide for applying Four Spiritualities to Your Life Richardson, Peter Tufts RE Adult
Guide My Feet: Prayers and Meditations on Loving and Working for Children Edelman, Marian Wright Worship Resources
Handbook for Congregational Studies Carroll, Jackson; Carl S. Dudley, and William McKinney Congregational Resources
Handbook of Religious Services Church of the Larger Fellowship Worship Resources
Healthy Congregations:  A Systems Approach Steinke, Peter L. Congregational Resources
Honoring Earth: A Seventh Principle Project Worship Resource (binder) UUA Seventh Principle Project Congregational Resources
How Can We Keep From Singing! (cover is damaged) Hodgin Press Congregational Resources
How to Change the Image of Your Church Webb, John David Congregational Resources
How to Host a Public Forum Rosen, Harold Adult RE
How To Preach A Sermon: A Guide for the Amateur Slaughter, Robert Congregational Resources
How to Start, Nuture, and Grow and Young Religious Unitarian Universalist Youth Group (VHS video – 23 minutes) Stevens, Louie Youth
How to Talk to Teens about Really Important Things Schaefer, Charles E. and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo RE Adult/Children
How Your Church Family Works: Understanding Congregations as Emotional Systems Steinke, Peter L. Congregational Resources
In Memoriam: A Guide to Modern Funeral and Memorial Services Searl, Edward Worship Resources
In the Holy Quiet of this Hour: A Meditation Manual Gilbert, Richard S. Worship Resources
In the Simple Morning Light: Meditations Rohde, Barbara Worship Resources
Interdependence:  Renewing Congregational Polity UUA Staff Congregational Resources
Ironing it Out:  Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict Lickson, Charles P. Congregational Resources
Jesus and His Kingdom of Equals: An Interdenominational Curriculum for 4th-7th Grades on the Life and Teaching of Jesus Binkley, Cheryl Gibbs and Jane Mitchell McKeel RE children
Jesus and His Kingdom of Equals: An Interdenominational Curriculum for 4th-7th Grades on the Life and Teaching of Jesus (copy 2) Binkley, Cheryl Gibbs and Jane Mitchell McKeel RE children
Lay Ministry Training Curriculum Candidates Handbook UU Congregation of Atlanta (Stringer, Dr. Anthony Y., Lisa Capehart Hulse, and K.C. Burgess-Yakemovic) Congregational Resources
Leading Change in the Congregation: Spiritual and Organizational Tools for Leaders Rendle, Gilbert R. Congregational Resources
Letting Go: Transforming Congregations for Ministry Phillips, Roy D. Congregational Resources
Liberating the Gospels: Reading the Bible through Jewish Eyes (VHS video) Spong, John Shelby Adult RE
Lifecraft. The art of meaning in the everyday. Signed. With printed Reader’s Guide. Church, Forrest Adult 
Little Victories: Tales from a World Without End Howell, Kit Congregational Resources
Mary Magdalene: An Intimate Portrait (VHS video – 43 minutes) Stuart, Charles C. Adult RE
Miracle in Birmingham. A Civil Rights Memoir 1954-65. signed Harris, W. Edward Peace and Justice
Monday Morning Leadership. 8 mentoring sessions you can’t afford to miss. Cottrell, David Congregational Resources
More Than Numbers: The Ways Churches Grow Mead, Loren B. Congregational Resources
Murder in Selma (featuring Rev. Clark Olsen) (VHS video segment, home recording – 10 minutes) CNN Peace and Justice
No Dumb Questions (VHS video) Regan, Melissa RE Children
Notable Universalist and Unitarian Women (previously titled “Compendium of Resources”) Unitarian Universalist Women’s Heritage Society Adult RE
Nurturing the Spirit-Nature Connection (binder) UUA Seventh Principle Project RE Children
On the Path: Spirituality for Youth and Adults UUA Staff Youth
One God, Shared Hope: 20 threads shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Shannon, Maggie Oman Congregational Resource
Only a Few Children?  A Guide for Developing Our Religious Values Together Spoerl, Dorothy T. RE children
Our Chosen Faith: A Study Guide to Our Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism by John A. Buehrens and F. Forrester Church Goodwin, Joan Adult RE
Our Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism Buehrens, John A. and F. Forrester Church Adult RE
Parent Trilogy: 3 Programs for Unitarian Universalist Parents and Other Adults UUA Staff RE children
Pastoral to Program Reader (Created for Thomas Jefferson District District Reorganization Ad Hoc Committee Rahman, Qiyamah A. Congregational Resources
Philosophy-Making: A Process Guide for Unitarian Universalist Religious Growth and Learning Anastos, Elizabeth and David Marshak Adult RE
Planning for Growth Workshop for Small Congregations: Congregational Team Planning Guide Peers, Lawrence Palmieri Congregational Resources
Profiles of Historical Unitarian Universalists UUA Staff Congregational Resources
Pursuing Excellence in Ministry Biles, Daniel V. Professional Ministry
Quest: A Meditation Manual for 1986 Hurt, Kathy Fuson Worship Resources
Rainbow Children. A Racial Justice and Diversity Program for Ages 5 to 8 Poinsett, Norma and Vivian Burns RE children
Raising Healthy Kids: Families talk about sexual health: For Parents of Young Children & For Parents of Adolescents (2 VHS videos with booklets) Family Health Productions RE children
Raising the Roof Mann, Alice Pastor resources
RE Road Map:  A Guidebook for Religious Educators on Administering RE Programs Leitner, Cindy, Cindy Phillips, and Lynn Sabourin RE children, RE Adults
RE Staffing Guide:  Good Practices for UU Congregations Ryan, Jeannellen, ed. RE children, RE Adults
Readings for the Celebration of Life Patton, Kenneth L. Worship Resources
Redeeming Time: Endowing Your Church with the Power of Covenant Herz, Walter P. Congregational Resources
Reinventing Leadership (VHS video – 42 minutes) Friedman, Edwin H. Congregational Resources
Retreats That Work: Designing and Conducting Effective Offsites for Groups and Organizations Campbell, Sheila and Merianne Liteman with Steve Sugar Congregational Resources
Rise Up & Call Her Name: A Woman-Honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities
(VHS video, audio cassette tape, notebook)
Fisher, Elizabeth Adult RE
Salted With Fire: Unitarian Universalist Strategies for Sharing Faith and Growing Congregations Alexander, Scott W. Congregational Resources
Saying Goodbye. A Time of growth for congregations and pastors White, Edward A. Congregational Resources
Sexuality & Our Faith (VHS video) UUA Staff RE Adult
Sharing the Ministry: A Practical Guide for Transforming Volunteers Into Ministers Trumbauer, Jean Morris Congregational Resources
Singing for the Green:  Songs for Fun and Money UUA Staff Congregational Resources
Singing the Journey: a supplement to Singing the Living Tradition UUA Staff Congregational Resource
Sizing Up a Congregation for New Member Ministry Rothauge, Arlin J. Congregational Resources
Small Groups in the Church: A Handbook for Creating Community Kirkpatrick, Thomas G. Congregational Resources
So You’re on the Search Committee Ketcham, Bunty Congregational Resources
Songs for “We Believe” (audio cassette tapes) Rosen, Kathi and Seth Worship Resources
Soulful Sundown: Re-Imagining Unitarian Universalist Worship for Young Adults Lavanhar, Marlin Young Adults
Starting From Scratch:  How to Begin Your Own RE Program for Children and Youth (4th ed) Fields, Ann, Jeanne Nieuwejaar, and Cindy Spring RE children
Super Heroes: Bible People: A Values-Based Curriculum for Unitarian Universalist Children (binder) Brown, Gaia RE children
Temporary Shepherds: A Congregational Handbook for Interim Ministry Nicholson, Roger S. Professional Ministry
Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide (5 copies) Southern Poverty Law Center Peace and Justice
That’s a Family!  A Film for Kids About Family Diversity (VHS video and companion discussion/ teaching guide – 35 minutes) Chasnoff, Debra RE children
The ABC’s for UU Newcomers. A brief introduction to Unitarian Universalism Cleary, William Adult RE
The Abundance of Our Faith: Award-Winning Sermons on Giving Sweetser, Terry & Susan Milnor Congregational Resources
The Almost Church: Redefining Unitarian Universalism for a New Era Durall, Michael Congregational Resources
The Best of Radio Free Bubba Barnhouse, Meg, Pat Jobe, Kim Taylor, and Gary Phillips Worship Resources
The Calling of the Laity Dozier, Verna Congregational Resources
The Care of Troublesome People Oates, Wayne E. Congregational Resources
The Color of Fear (VHS video – 90 minutes) Wah, Lee Mun Peace and Justice
The Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry: Saving the World Ten at a Time Hill, Robert L. Congregational Resources
The Congregational Handbook: How to Develop and Sustain Your Unitarian Universalist Congregation Peers, Lawrence Congregational Resources
The Gift of Faith: Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children Nieuwejaar, Jeanne Harrison RE children
The Gospel of Universalism: Hope, Courage, and the Love of God Owen-Towle, Tom Worship Resources
The Green Book: A Canvass Manual for Unitarian Universalist Congregations UUA Staff Congregational Resources
The Heart of Change Kotter, John P. and Dan S. Cohen Congregational Resources
The Illustrated World’s Religions. A guide to our wisdom traditions Smith, Huston Congregational Resources
The In-Between Church Mann, Alice Pastor resources
The Interventionist Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Resources
The Living Legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson. An Adult Curriculum Emerson Bicentennial Committee Adult RE
The New U: An Orientation Program for New Members of Unitarian Universalist Congregations Highsmith, Jean, Mary Nell McLauchlin and Jack Schmidt Adult RE
The Parent Guide to Our Whole Lives, Grades K-1 & Grades 4-8 Hoertdoerfer, Patricia RE children
The Premise and The Promise: The Story of the Unitarian Universalist Association Ross, Warren R. Congregational Resources
The Prophetic Imperative: Unitarian Universalist Foundations for a New Social Gospel Gilbert, Richard S. Congregational Resources
The Rural Church: Learning From Three Decades of Change Hassinger, Edward, John S. Hollick, and J. Kenneth Benson Congregational Resources
The Sacred Depths of Nature Goodenough, Ursula Congregational Resource
The Safe Congregation Handbook: Nurturing Healthy Boundaries in our Faith Communities Hoertdoerfer, Patricia and Frederic Muir, eds. Congregational Resources
The Search for RE Leadership: Best Practices for UU Congregations (binder) Ellenwood, Pat, RE Director, Wellesley Hills MA RE
The Spiritual Emerson. Essential writings, Ralph Waldo Emerson Robinson, David M. Congregational Resources
The Task of the Church and the Role of Its Members Reed, Bruce Congregational Resources
The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Friends of the United Nations RE children, RE Adults
The Very Large Church Schaller, Lyle E. Congregational Resources
The World’s Religions. Smith, Huston Congregational Resources
Timeless Themes. Stories from the Hebrew and Christian Bibles for grades 3 and 4 Gowdy, Nannene, Mary Ann Moore, and Marjorie Skwire RE children
Tip & Top. The adventures of two water drops Annan, Nane RE children
Traditions with a Wink! UU Identity Curriculum for Middle Schoolers (binder) Erslev, Kate Tweedie RE children
Transformational Regional Bodies: Promote Congregational Health, Vitality, and Growth Oswald, Roy M. and Claire S. Burkat Congregational Resources
Transforming Church Boards into Communities of Spiritual Leaders Olsen, Charles M. Congregational Resources
Transforming Liberal Congregations for the New Millennium Phillips, Roy D. Congregational Resources
Transforming Regional Bodies for Mission (report) Alban Institute Congregational Resources
Treasure Hunting: Take Two (binder) Schneider, Ellen and Gaia Brown RE Children
Turnaround Strategies for the Small Church Crandall, Ron Congregational Resources
Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice Kivel, Paul Peace and Justice
UUA Youth Advisors’ Handbook Tain, Shell Youth
Visit to Selma: March 11, 2002 (VHS video) UUA Staff Peace and Justice
Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a way of life that is outwardly simple, inwardly rich (revised edition) Elgin, Duane Congregational Resource
We are Many, We are One. A Unitarian Universalist Preschool Curriculum McDonald, Colleen RE children
We Believe. Learning and Living our Unitarian Universalist Principles. Fields, Ann and Joan Goodwin RE children
We Sing of Life: Songs for Children, Young People, Adults Silliman, Vincent and Irving Lowens Worship Resources
Welcoming Children with Special Needs Patton, Sally RE Adult/Children
Welcoming Congregation Handbook: Resources for Affirming Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and/or Transgender People UUA Staff Congregational Resources
Welcoming Congregation: Resources for Affirming Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Persons UUA Staff, Alexander, Scott    Adult RE
We’ve Never Done It Like This Before: 10 Creative Approaches to the Same Old Church Tasks Woods, C. Jeff Congregational Resources
What People Expect From Church: Why Meeting the Needs of People is More Important than Church Meetings Randall, Robert L. Congregational Resources
What Size Should We Be? Visioning the In-Between Church (VHS video) Mann, Alice Pastor resources; congregational Resources
What to tell young people about Unitarian Universalism Giles, Charles Scot RE children
Windmills, Worship and Wonder: Ideas for Intergenerational Worship. Greater Washington Area RE Council Worship Resources; RE
Women’s Worship Resource Packet (binder) Blumel, Lee Worship Resources
Youth Today: Paradigms Lost and Regained (Sacred Life Skills for Junior and Senior High School Youth and Adults) Liebmann, Jeff Youth


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