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For a congregation or a leadership team to be ‘in covenant’ with one another means that they have taken time to consider how they value each other and their common purpose and time to agree upon how they will be in good relationship with each other – and what that all means.
A congregation, leadership team or and group working together benefits from taking time to talk about an understanding of how they will be together – what kind of covenant they agree to.
The very process and conversation required to create a covenant can help a group or congregation steer clear of damaging conflict. Conflict may surely arise, but a group with an understood covenant can manage differences and conflict in healthy ways.
There is a fine introduction to covenants on the UUA website.
A good discussion of covenants, sample processes for creating them, and samples of various kinds of covenants for UU congregations can be found in Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations (available at the UUA Bookstore) and in Robert Latham’s Moving On From Church Folly Lane (available from
The Mid-South District Board has an elegant covenant.
For more assistance with covenants email Connie Goodbread (, the Mid-South District Executive

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