Mid-South District Job Descriptions – Vice President

Vice President

Term: 2 years (Term is concurrent with that of the President)

The Vice President is a voting member of the Mid-South District Executive Board with the primary responsibility of presiding over all district meetings in the absence of the President and, if the President is unable to fulfill his/her elected term, succeed and assume all the duties of the Presidency until the next regularly scheduled election of officers. [Reference: President’s Job Description]Members of the board accept the duties assigned in the Mid-South District bylaws, hold in trust the mission and vision of the district, and set and ensure adherence to the district’s policies. Attendance at board meetings and attentiveness to board communication (including electronic) are expected of all board members.

Each board member accepts the responsibility for keeping the board and the district apprised of the work of his/her area of responsibility, presenting reports to the board at each of its meetings, offering news for district publications when appropriate, and preparing a summary annual report for the Mid-South District Annual Assembly.

Board members understand they are a part of the leadership of the Mid-South District and attend and participate in events and conferences of the district whenever possible. They are particularly expected to attend the MSD Annual Assembly/Annual Meeting.

Board members agree to submit timely expense reports to the MSD bookkeeper and annual budget planning information to the MSD Treasurer/Finance Committee Chairperson.

In addition to the above, the Vice-President is charged to:

  • Maintain close communications with the President and the District Executive to stay reasonably informed on about district programs, policies and procedures.
  • Serve as Convener of the Committee on District Services and as an active member of the Finance Committee.
  • Monitor and report the progress of the Long Range Plan; present a report at each board meeting, and facilitate open discussion to assess and update the Long Range Plan.
  • Coordinate with the District Executive the solicitation and recommendation for selection of Mid-South District sponsored workshops at annual General Assembly.
Proposed Revision 02/25/06
To review last year of each termVICE-PRESIDENT

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