Mid-South District Job Descriptions – T.E.A.C.H. Trustee

TEACH Trustee
(Training Education and Conference Help)

Term – 3 years (Term is concurrent with that of the RE Trustee)

The TEACH Trustee is a voting member of the Mid-South District Executive Board with the primary responsibility of coordinating the planning and presentation of spiritual and educational lay leader and congregational training within the district.

Members of the board accept the duties assigned in the Mid-South District bylaws, hold in trust the mission and vision of the district, and set and ensure adherence to the district’s policies. Attendance at board meetings and attentiveness to board communication (including electronic) are expected of all board members.

Each board member accepts the responsibility for keeping the board and the district apprised of the work of his/her area of responsibility, presenting reports to the board at each of its meetings, offering news for district publications when appropriate, and preparing a summary annual report for the Mid-South District Annual Assembly.

Board members understand they are a part of the leadership of the Mid-South District and attend and participate in events and conferences of the district whenever possible. They are particularly expected to attend the MSD Annual Assembly/Annual Meeting.

Board members agree to submit timely expense reports to the MSD bookkeeper and annual budget planning information to the MSD Treasurer/Finance Committee Chairperson.

The TEACH Trustee may occasionally be requested by the Executive Board and/or the District Executive to research, make recommendations and/or coordinate new TEACH -related programs/projects within or sponsored by the District and/or participate in the selection of district sponsored workshops at General Assembly.

The Trustee for TEACH chairs the TEACH Committee of the Mid-South District. As chairperson of the committee, the Trustee recruits committee members (with the help of the Leadership Development Committee and district staff) and provides leadership for the committee as it carries out its charge.

The TEACH Committee is charged to:

  • Plan and produce district-wide conferences with emphasis on inspirational and educational lay leadership. The committee works closely with the board, district staff, and host congregations to ensure high quality programming and conference practices. Regularly scheduled events are the Fall Healthy Congregations Conference (HCC) and the Spring Annual Assembly (AA).
  • In consultation with the MDS Board and District Executive, select conference theme, conference sites, keynote and featured speakers, conference sessions and presenters and ministerial involvement.
  • Coordinate with Leadership Development to recruit conference coordinators for both HCC and AA conferences (including Bookstore Manager, Registrar and Religious Education).
  • Ensure that written guidelines are provided for all conference coordinators, and host congregations.
  • Provide guidance and support for host congregations (ministers, host coordinator and others involved with each conference).
  • Maintain regular communication with the District Executive, President, Ministerial Representative, Communication Trustee and Webmaster keeping them informed of progress of conference planning.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and receipts and submit timely expense reports and disbursement requests related to conference costs.

Typical time line:

July Continue planning for HCC.
August Continue planning for HCC; begin planning for AA.

Attend Board Leadership Retreat (submit TEACH report one week prior).

October Finalize plan/Attend HCC. Goal: At HCC, announce AA site, date, host congregation and featured speaker.
November Attend Fall Board Meeting (submit TEACH report one week prior).

Hold TEACH Committee meeting for AA planning.

January Continue planning for AA in April.
February Hold TEACH Committee meeting.

Submit next year budget request to Finance Committee.

Attend Winter Board Meeting (submit report one week prior).

March Continue plan for AA .
April Finalize plan/attend Annual Assembly. Goal: At AA, announce next year’s district and conference theme, and HCC date, site, featured speaker, host congregation.

Attend Spring Board Meeting (submit report two weeks prior).

May Begin plan for HCC in October.
Proposed Revision 02/25/06

To review last year of each term


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