Mid-South District Job Descriptions – Secretary


Term: 2 years (Term is concurrent with that of the Treasurer)
The Secretary is a voting member of the Mid-South District Executive Board.

Members of the board accept the duties assigned in the Mid-South District bylaws, hold in trust the mission and vision of the district, and set and ensure adherence to the district’s policies. Attendance at board meetings and attentiveness to board communication (including electronic) are expected of all board members.

Each board member accepts the responsibility for keeping the board and the district apprised of the work of his/her area of responsibility, presenting reports to the board at each of its meetings, offering news for district publications when appropriate, and preparing a summary annual report for the Mid-South District Annual Assembly.

Board members understand they are a part of the leadership of the Mid-South District and attend and participate in events and conferences of the district whenever possible. They are particularly expected to attend the MSD Annual Assembly/Annual Meeting.
Board members agree to submit timely expense reports to the MSD bookkeeper and annual budget planning information to the MSD Treasurer/Finance Committee Chairperson.
In addition to the above, the duties of the Secretary include:
  • Keep a complete record (minutes) of the proceedings of the District meetings and the meetings of the Executive Board. These should be sent to the Board members at least 14 days before the next Board meeting. Permanent minutes including attachments should be sent to Mid-South office for filing and retention.
  • Send written notice of Board meetings, to Board members at least 14 days before the meeting.
  • After the President sets the date and location of a Board meeting, the Secretary will be in communication with the host site to make meeting and home hospitality arrangements with hosting societies. Write thank you notes as appropriate after the meeting.
  • Send the Notice of the Annual Meeting or other Special Meetings to all District societies and Board members to be received at least 21 days before the meeting.

The notice for the Annual Meeting should include:

a. The proposed budget for the succeeding fiscal year.

b. The report of the Nominating Committee.

c. A report of recommendations from the Board.

d. Any proposed amendments to the By-Laws which have been properly submitted.

Notice of special meetings should include the location, date, time, purpose of the special meeting and an agenda of proposed business.

  • Inform individuals in writing of their election or appointment to any office or committee.
  • Provide link from the Awards Committee to the Board bringing nominations for district awards and communicating appreciation activities.
  • Provide other clerical assistance to the Board as necessary.
  • Record policies passed by the Board in the Policy Handbook. Policies passed by the Board will accompany the minutes distributed from the previous meeting. The revised Policy Handbook will be distributed to Board members at the Leadership Retreat and be kept in the district office.
Calendar :

June – notice of Summer Board Retreat to Board Members and Committee Chairs

August 1 – Send draft minutes of May Board meeting and Annual Meeting

August – Leadership Retreat

Sept - notice of Fall Board Meeting, including home hospitality deadline

November 1 – Send draft minutes from Leadership Retreat

November – Fall Board meeting

January – Send notice of Winter Board meeting, including deadline for home hospitality; Insure notification by Awards Committee to all societies (include forms) for nominations for UnSung UU and Pickett awards.

February 1 – Send draft minutes from Fall Board meeting.

February – Winter Board meeting

March/April – Coordinate with the District office the sending of notice of Annual Meeting at least 21 days prior to Annual Meeting. Include proposed budget, minutes of the previous Annual Meeting, recommendations of Leadership Development Committee and any proposed By-laws changes.

April/May – Verify certification of delegates and record election of offices at Annual Meeting. Write minutes of Annual Meeting and send to DE, outgoing President, and incoming President for comments. Send revised draft to DE (and others as specified?) for safe-keeping until next Annual Meeting. If not continuing as secretary, send draft minutes of Board meeting held at Annual Meeting to DE, outgoing President, and incoming President for comments. Send revised draft to new secretary for approval at Fall Board meeting.

Proposed Revision 02/25/06

To review last year of each term

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