Mid-South District Job Descriptions – President


TERM 2 YEARS (Term is concurrent with that of the Vice-President)

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the District, accepts the duties assigned in the Mid-South District Bylaws, holds in trust the mission and vision of the district, and sets and ensures adherence to the district’s policies. The President is vested with the powers, privileges and responsibilities customarily associated with that position. The overall well being of the district’s programs and services to congregations shall be the guide to the President’s decisions in exerting these powers and privileges and fulfilling his/her responsibilities.

The President is authorized to speak for and in behalf of the Mid-South District in all legal proceedings, and the President’s signature is legally binding on contracts and agreements executed as directed by the Executive Board.

The President is ex-officio member of all committees and is encouraged to attend committee meetings when possible.

All members of the board accept the duties assigned in the Mid-South District bylaws, hold in trust the mission and vision of the district, and set and ensure adherence to the district’s policies. Attendance at board meetings and attentiveness to board communication (including electronic) are expected of all board members.

Each board member accepts the responsibility for keeping the board and the district apprised of the work of his/her area of responsibility, presenting reports to the board at each of its meetings, offering news for district publications when appropriate, and preparing a summary annual report for the Mid-South District Annual Assembly.

Board members understand they are a part of the leadership of the Mid-South District and attend and participate in events and conferences of the district whenever possible. They are particularly expected to attend the MSD Annual Assembly/Annual Meeting.

Board members agree to submit timely expense reports to the MSD bookkeeper and annual budget planning information to the MSD Treasurer/Finance Committee Chairperson.

In addition to the above duties, the President is charged to:

  • Appoint all committees not elsewhere provided for, in consultation with the Board, the Leadership Development Committee and district staff
  • Maintain close communications with the District Executive, consulting regularly on the district’s programs, progress, and potential problems and participating in the planning and execution of district events.
  • Stay informed on all district-related programs, policies and procedures of the UUA by maintaining communications with the UUA Director of District Services and the UUA Board Trustee, and attending annual General Assembly.
  • Represent the Mid-South District at District President Association events, including annual meeting, and maintain communication with the DPA.
  • Maintain open communication with the member congregations; stay informed of special events and/or potential problems within the congregations; and occasionally attend and/or participate in congregation events.
  • Promote and support the planning and execution of district conferences, attend conferences when possible, and occasionally participate in presentations.
  • Plan for and preside over the Annual Meeting. Planning includes preparation of an annual report to congregations and business meeting agenda.
  • Plan for and preside over all meetings of the Executive Board. Planning includes confirming dates and places for meetings; soliciting agenda items from board members and staff; preparing agenda, writing and submitting President’s Report.
  • Maintain communication with Executive Board members, keeping them informed of policies, schedules, activities, events, progress, issues and developments within the district. He/she shall serve, as need be, as advisor to board members and assist them in carrying out their duties.
Typical Calendar:April/May – Annual Meeting, Spring Board Meeting

June – President’s Convocation, GA, DPA meeting (preceding GA)

August – Leadership Retreat (on-going and incoming Board members)

October – Healthy Congregation Conference

November – DPA meeting in Boston, Fall Board Meeting

February – Finance Committee Meeting; Winter Board meeting

Proposed Revision 02/25/06To review last year of each term


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