Mid-South District Leadership Training Scholarships

MSD Leadership Scholarship Application Form
The purpose of the Scholarship Program shall be to financially assist present and future leaders attend Lifespan Religious Education, Congregational and Youth leadership events. Applicants for scholarships must be active in their local congregation.
Scholarship requests must be received on the appropriate request form AT LEAST 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the event or by registration deadline, whichever comes first.. Requests not properly submitted will not be considered. Scholarship funds are limited; therefore, not every request can be honored. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need, the number of previous requests, and commitment to congregational leadership. No more than one scholarship shall be awarded to any one individual in any budget year. MSD Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in the entire event for which they are receiving financial support.

  • Scholarship aid is available to affiliated congregations in the Mid-South district who contributed their Fair Share to the UUA and MSD last year. Congregations working toward affiliation may apply for a maximum of 3 scholarship requests before affiliation.
  • Scholarship requests should be directed to the MSD Trustee having responsibility for the event: Religious Education, Youth, TEACH, or president. That trustee or the district president is authorized to approve or deny scholarship requests. On-line registration for MSD events will have a link to the scholarship application, plus copies will be available to each event registrar.
  • Notification regarding the approval or denial of the request will be sent within two weeks of the receipt of the application. If approved, the scholarship payment will be made to the congregation. NOTE: Transportation costs will not be covered by scholarships.
  • Congregations should be encouraged to financially support the ongoing development of their professional and volunteer staff. Therefore:
  1. Scholarships awarded to professionals shall not exceed 50% of the cost of the person’s attendance at the event.
  2. Scholarships awarded to volunteers shall not exceed 100% of the cost of events costing $50 or less, or 50% of events costing more than $50.

Financial assistance is available for these programs:

  • Renaissance modules, OWL leader training, RE Summit and other conferences and training sponsored by the MSD RE Committee.
  • Leadership Development Conferences, Youth Advisor Training, CONS and other training and conferences sponsored by the MSD YAC.
  • Healthy Congregations Conference, Annual Assembly, Cluster meetings and other events sponsored by the TEACH Committee.
  • Presidents CONVO and other events sponsored by the MSD Board of Trustees.

Funding for this Scholarship Program is provided by the Mid-South District through the annual operating budget and is dependent on the fair share giving of affiliated congregations.

MSD Leadership Training Scholarship Guidelines


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