How does my congregation apply for a Chalice Lighter Grant?

A Mid-South District congregation should follow the policies and procedures for Chalice Lighter Grants/Applications as listed below.

Chalice Lighter Grant Application – please contact the District office for an application (


  1. Applications will be accepted in three categories: new congregation; new or expanded parish ministry, religious education ministry, or music ministry; new or expanded buildings and grounds. The applicant congregation will complete an application (see below).
  2. Appropriate policies and an application form are available on the District web site.
  3. The Growth and Support Committee will select application readers who are not affiliated with the applicant congregation.
  4. All applicants must be “fair share” contributors to both the District and the UUA Annual Program Fund.
  5. A recipient may apply for a new grant after three years.
  6. Each application will be evaluated on its own merit in whichever funding cycle it is submitted. Applicants may resubmit applications as many times as the applicant chooses. The Committee may elect not to recommend any applications during a funding cycle.
  7. Applications not accepted for funding will be returned with suggestions for additional study or with the reason for non acceptance clearly stated.
  8. All applicants must be active member congregations of the UUA.
  9. The Growth and Support Committee will adopt and publicize procedures to implement the policy of three funding cycles per year.


  1. All applications should be mailed (email and fax is acceptable) to the MSD Growth & Support Coordinator no later than the established “postmark date” for the funding cycle desired (see schedule below).
  2. The MSD Growth & Support Coordinator will review all submitted applications for any missing information or incomplete information and, when necessary, request the additional information from the applicant. Therefore, to insure that an application is considered in a specific funding cycle, applicants should be sure the application is complete and should submit it well in advance of the “postmark date” in case additional information is requested.
  3. A few days after the “postmark date,” the MSD Growth & Support Coordinator will distribute copies of all applications received to the MSD Growth & Support Committee or to the selected application readers, who will review the applications.
  4. The Growth & Support Committee will, by the date indicated on the schedule, meet in person, via email, or conference call, to decide which, if any, of the applications to recommend to the MSD Board for approval.
  5. The MSD Board, at their regularly scheduled meeting as indicated, will vote whether to approve or disapprove the recommended application, if any.
  6. The MSD District Office will mail out the call to Chalice Lighters within a month following Board approval.
  7. Applicants who have been approved for a call should expect to receive a check (may only be a partial, though perhaps significant, payment) at the district event noted on the schedule.
  8. Each recipient of a Chalice Lighter call is required to submit a report to the Growth & Support Committee, via the Growth & Support Coordinator, one year following receipt of the funds, indicating how the funds were used and how using those funds have helped promote the growth of that congregation and Unitarian Universalism in general.
  9. Annual (fiscal year) funding cycles:


Mid-South District UUA
PO Box 560246
Orlando, FL  32856-0245
Phone:  877-216-2986
Fax:  877-663-9566

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