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Mid-South Leadership Transitions This Summer!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Rev. Fred L. Hammond

Connie Goodbread

This summer Mid-South District has important leadership transitions — and it even changes its contact information!  (See new info below.)

As of July 1, 2011 Mid-South District has a new staff team – led by Connie Goodbread and Rev. Fred Hammond.  Connie is the acting District Executive and Fred is the acting Program Consultant.

“Since 1997 it has been my pleasure and my challenge to be Mid-South’s District Executive,” says Eunice Benton.  “No position I have ever held has brought more rewarding work!  But now it is time to step back to open doors for next leaders and new achievements.”

Connie and Fred join skilled and seasoned leaders on the Mid-South Board of Trustees and in other key positions.  And all are part of the extended Southern Region of the UUA, affording all our Unitarian Universalist congregations even finer access to a broad range of expertise and wisdom.

“To the very finest staff anyone could have – especially Sharon Walls as our Mid-South Administrator these last six years and Mitzi Stafford who has kept our books in fine order – I am deeply grateful!” Eunice notes.

“I leave Mid-South in great hands – yours!” is Eunice’s parting line.  Connie, Fred, and a fine team of Mid-South leaders – ready to serve and bring on new ideas – are ready to do just that!

NEW Mid-South District contact information:

Mid-South District UUA website – (no change)

Office email:

Office Phone:  877-216-2986

Office Fax:  877-663-9566

Snailmail to: P.O. Box 560246, Orlando, FL  32856-0246

On Facebook at ‘Mid-South District of the UUA’

Mid-South District Executive:  Connie Goodbread – (or )

Mid-South Program Consultant:  Rev. Fred Hammond – (or

Mid-South Office /Administrator:  Jessica Curren – (or )

Mid-South District Bookkeeper:   Mitzi Stafford –

(Snailmail to Mitzi: 4605 Elkins Ave., Nashville, TN 37209)

Mid-South District Officers:

President – Gail Sphar –

Vice-President – Kirk Bogue –

Secretary – Jill Austin –

Treasurer – Frank Youngblood –

UUA Trustee for Mid-South District:
Nancy Bartlett –

UUA Celebrates 50 Years

Sunday, June 12th, 2011



The 2011 UUA General Assembly in Charlotte, North Carolina — June 22-26, 2011 – will celebrate the 50th birthday of the UUA!  Y’all come!!

Read more about it and register for 2011 General Assembly at:

It was 50 years ago – May 1961 – that our Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations came into being.  It was, all will remember, the coming together of the Universalist Church of America and the American Unitarian Association.

Since the site of this GA is in the South – this event will also celebrate Unitarian Universalism in the South!

An Ingathering for the Southern Region on Opening Day — Wednesday — at 5:45 p.m will kick things off!

Wonderful worship services, informative workshops and presentations, and inspiring singing are all part of GA! (You can join the GA Choir, led by Athens’ Amber Fetner!)

Of course, important proposals will be voted on by delegates at GA, so be sure delegates from your congregation will attend to represent your congregation!  A video about how to prepare for GA is at:

At this GA, some proposals to be voted on are pivotal and historic.  Read about of these Fifth Principle Task Force recommendations:

Read all about the 2011 General Assembly at:

Mid-South District Establishes 2011 SEVERE STORM FUND And Invites Contributions

Communities and families across the South were devastated by the storms and tornados of April 27th!  Unitarian Universalist folks in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee have major property damage and are reeling from the effects of the storms.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was particularly hard hit, and a number of UU families there are without their homes. Mid-South District has established the 2011 Severe Storm Fund to assist Unitarian Universalist families and their communities as they repair their lives and properties after the tornado-filled storms.

Congregations, individuals and other gatherings may help out by sending contributions to the address below or donating through this web site.  Thanks to all for care and support!

Checks should be payable to “Mid-South District,” noted: “2011 Severe Storm Fund,” and mailed to

Mid-South District Bookkeeper
4605 Elkins Ave., Nashville, TN 37209

Donations to the fund may also be made via PayPal.